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Politics, Economy, Culture or Sports – print media provide news, information and entertainment to billions of households around the world every day.  Aluminium gives you a brilliant surface for excellent printing.

Aluminium developed for use in offset printing plates provides outstanding surface,  flatness and processing characteristics. No wonder big international photo companies rely on high-grade offset aluminium PS&CTP plates to keep their images sharp.Key features include:

→ State-of-the-art high-performance alloys

→ Excellent grainability

→ Brilliant surface quality

→ Covering highest flatness demands

→ Specifically developed mechanical properties


Henan Henry can supply aluminium lithographic coil or litho stock details as below:

Litho Alloys:

- AA1050 litho alloy

- High strength litho alloy

Flatness Tolerance:

- Maximum wave height in edge, centre or quarter position = 2mm

- Maximum 4 waves per metre

Specific requirements for flatness tolerance can be discussed.

Dimension Options:

Standard Range (Mm)

Tolerance (Mm)


0.14 To 0.5



700 To 1610


Coil Weight

5.6 To 6.0kg Per Mm Of Width

Outer Diameter

1800mm Max

Inner Diameter

406mm, 507mm 

Coils can be supplied either full weight (as above) or cut to half coils (on request). 

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