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What's PP Cap Manufacturing Process for aluminum closure sheet?
Oct 04,2022

Manufacturing is done on fully automatic plant. Sophisticated equipment's like Nippon printing machine, Millender Coater, Conveyor Oven, high speed power presses, multi cavity press tools, high speed wading machines and electronic counting have elevated the process of manufacturing into realm of the state-of-the art.

Step 1 - Food Lacquer

Aluminum closure sheets are first coated with the food lacquer. Food lacquer is coated to assure the safety against rust and soften the sheets.

Step 2 - Color Coating

Aluminum closure sheets are introduced with color in the second step. Quality assurance agents evaluate the required color and then pass for further production.

Step 3 – Printing & Varnishing

Coated and lacquered aluminum closrue sheets are then printed according to customer's specification and at the end of job final sheets are varnished for glossy results.

Step 4 - Cutting

Print finished aluminum sheets are then cut in to the strips to be further processed by punching presses.

Step 5 - Punching

Aluminum strips are then pass through the heavy duty punching power press which then form aluminum caps. These unfinished caps are then sorted and moved to thestorage banks.

Step 6 – Knurling & Beading

In this step, caps are automatically taken from bank (Silo) and entered in to hopper. Each cap is given with required knurls, which ensure the tightening and sealing of bottles.

Step 7 – EPE Wad or Conical Plugs Filling

In this step, knurled caps are passed through conveyor belt to wad filling machine automatically where the EPE wads are inserted in to the caps. In case of conical plugs, conical plugs are inserted manually by hands. The finished caps are then passed through sensors for counting and finally it is packed.

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