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5 foot wide aluminum sheet
Nov 22,2022

The aluminum sheet is now widely used in various industries, including 5 foot wide aluminum sheet. Their corrosion resistance, wear-resistance, and durability are very good. There are many different types of aluminum sheets. According to the width, there can be a difference between narrow and wide. Then, the analysis will be mainly based on five-foot wide aluminum sheet.

What alloy products does 5 foot wide aluminum sheet have?

There are many aluminum alloy series that can be used to produce 5 foot wide aluminum sheets, such as the 1 series 1060 and 1070 alloys, which can be used to make wide aluminum sheets for curtain walls; the 3 series 3003 and 3004 alloys can be used to make large silos Ultra-wide plates; for example, the 5083 alloys of the 5 series can be used to make marine-grade wide plates for ships.

5 foot wide aluminum sheet

What are the uses of 5 foot wide aluminum sheet?

What are the applications of Henan Henry Aluminum's 5-foot wide aluminum sheet? With the continuous development of the transportation aluminum and construction aluminum market, the 5 foot wide aluminum sheet produced by Henan Henry  Aluminum can be widely used in automobile plates, ship plates, and Wide panel areas such as wide curtain wall panels and LNG storage tanks.

Taking the 5083 ultra-wide aluminum plate as an example, it can be widely used in ship plates, LNG storage tanks, gas storage tanks, and car body skins. The products of Mingtai 5083 aluminum sheet suppliers have high corrosion resistance and good weldability. They have commonly used materials in medium strength, high plasticity, and good weldability occasions, and can be used in liquid or gaseous media. Low-load parts for medium work.

Aluminum sheet manufacturer strength

Since its establishment, Henan Henry has been committed to product innovation and research and development, actively exploring the domestic and foreign aluminum material markets, “aluminum” has created brilliance, and continuously introduced high-quality new products, making Mingtai’s reform in the direction of high technology, high quality, and automation more Resolute, the pace of transformation and upgrading is more stable.

First of all, Mingtai introduced a super-wide 2800mm six-high cold rolling mill from Germany. The cold rolling mill can reach the highest domestic speed of 1200 m/min, which is three times that of ordinary rolling mills; the width of the finished product can be up to 2650mm. , The width of the finished product is beyond the reach of other ordinary rolling mills. This is the guarantee that Mingtai produces high-quality aluminum sheet products.

The ultra-wide aluminum sheet plate produced by Mingtai’s six-high cold rolling mill increases the production speed and at the same time, the rolled aluminum plate has better quality and a smooth and bright surface.

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