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The application and feature of mirror aluminum sheet
Nov 22,2022

Mirror aluminum sheet is a kind of product that we often use in our life. After the aluminum sheet is rolled, polished and other processes, the original aluminum plates has a mirror effect, so everyone used to call it a mirror aluminum sheet, and imported from abroad. The mirrored aluminum plate is directly processed by rolling.

Mirror aluminum sheets are divided into three levels according to the mirror surface effect: the high, medium and low grades are also used by professionals to distinguish them according to standard mirrors, high mirrors and super mirrors. According to the surface post-processing method, it can be divided into oxidized series mirror aluminum plate and unoxidized series mirror aluminum plate. Many of the aluminum sheets that we usually come into contact with are made of mirrored aluminum sheets, such as the grade 1050.1060.1070.1100.5052.6061.6063.7075, which can be made into mirror-coated aluminum sheets.

aluminum sheet metal

The mirror aluminum sheet is lighter in material, and the imported mirror aluminum plate has better mirror effect. The mirror surface of the domestic mirror aluminum plate is slightly worse, but the application range of the mirror aluminum plate is very wide. The mirror aluminum sheet is different from other aluminum plate products, and the surface of the product has a special treatment effect. After that, it gives us a mirror effect, very smooth, and is a good material for indoor and outdoor decoration. Thanks to its excellent performance, we are able to find mirror aluminum sheet in many areas such as electronic housings, furniture kitchens, automotive interiors and exteriors.

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