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4 tips for aluminum foil rolling
Nov 19,2022

As an excellent aluminum foil roll supplier, Mingtai can produce pharmaceutical aluminum foil, battery aluminum foil, tape aluminum foil, cable aluminum foil, eletronic tag aluminum foil, honeycomb aluminum foil, household aluminum foil, electronic aluminum foil, packaging aluminum foil, container aluminum foil, milk cap aluminum foil, capacitor aluminum foil, etc.

4 tips for aluminum foil rolling

There are 4 tips in aluminum foil rolling

1. The rolling reduction rate of the aluminum box rolling pass is generally about 50%, and the thickness of the finished box material is 0.03 mm or less. The rolling pass of the finished product is generally double-rolled. Finished thickness of 0.01mm and below in double-rolling and its previous pass trimming; greater than 0.01mm. Not more than 0.03 mm in the last one trimming; more than 0.03mm in the non-cutting edge, each trimming’s edge trimming amount is not more than 15mm.

2. The width of the production should follow the principle of first rolling and narrowing, otherwise the surface gloss of the aluminum foil is inconsistent.

3. Rolling of each pass has different requirements on the surface of the roll. When rough rolling, the material is thick, and it is necessary to reduce the amount of rolling. It is desirable to bring more rolling oil. The oil temperature should be lower, and it can take away a lot of heat generated during rolling. In order to bring more rolling oil, the surface of the roll should be roughened; the roll in the middle rolling is slightly thinner than the rough roll; the surface of the finishing roll is finer to obtain a finished aluminum foil with better surface.

4. Finish rolling is performed by thin oil film rolling. In order to obtain a thin oil film, the rolling oil temperature is mainly increased. Generally, the rough rolling oil temperature is 20-40 degree , and the finishing oil is 40-60 dgree. Increasing the oil temperature can reduce the oil film and improve the surface quality of the aluminum foil.

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