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What is the difference between anodized aluminum sheet and plain aluminum sheet?
Nov 22,2022

The aluminum plate is closely related to our daily life. Whether it is home decoration or living utensils, we can see the products made of aluminum plate. The anodized aluminum sheet is more susceptible to the manufacturer's barley than the plain aluminum plates.

aluminum sheets

1. Better surface quality

Plain aluminum sheet If we are not careful during processing or handling, it is easy to cause unevenness on the surface of the aluminum plate. The anodized aluminum sheet is much stronger than ordinary aluminum plate. Whether it is smoothness or flatness, it is better than ordinary aluminum plate. This is mainly because the manufacturing process of the anodized aluminum sheet is more exquisite, especially due to the surface treatment.

2. Rich in color and good in decoration

 The mill finish aluminum sheet we see in daily life is basically a color-gray, and the color of the anodized aluminum plate is much richer, which is more conducive to our color requirements, especially the exterior decoration of the building. The reason for the product.

3. Long service life

Since the anodized aluminum sheet is added with a coating, the aluminum plate and the outside form an isolated protective layer, so the anodized aluminum plate has particularly good rust resistance and can prolong the service life of the surface metal. The addition of a coating also makes the surface of the material more wear resistant.

4. Good processing performance

The anodized aluminum sheet can be bent, and the processing performance is much better than ordinary aluminum plate. The enterprise can make different sizes according to different needs, so as to avoid waste. And its weather resistance is also very good, no matter under any weather conditions, it can be used normally, and it can be used for a long time in the face of salty acid rain, which is not possible with ordinary aluminum plates.

 Anodized aluminum sheets are widely used in enterprises due to their numerous excellent properties, whether in mechanical parts, aircraft parts, precision instruments and radio equipment, architectural decoration, machine casings, lighting, consumer electronics, handicrafts, household appliances, indoors. We can see anodized aluminum plates in the decoration, signage, furniture, car decoration and other industries.

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