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Processing technology of aluminum sheet surface drawing
Nov 22,2022

Wire drawing treatment is to be done after stamping, drawing can be based on the needs of decoration, made of straight lines, messy lines, threads, ripples and swirling lines and so on. Straight wire drawing refers to the method of mechanical friction on the surface of aluminum plate to process the linear pattern. It has the dual effect of brushing the surface scratches of aluminum plate and decorating the surface of aluminum plate. Straight wire drawing has two kinds of continuous silk grain and intermittent silk grain. Continuous filaments can be obtained by cleaning cloth or stainless steel brushes by continuous horizontal linear friction on the surface of the aluminum plate (for example, by manual grinding under the condition of a current device or by using a planer to clamp the wire brush on the aluminum plate). Change the wire diameter of stainless steel brush to obtain different thickness of the tattoo. Intermittent silk lines are generally processed on a brush or scrubbing machine.

aluminum sheet metal

The principle of production: the use of two sets of the same rotation of the difference wheel, the upper group for the rapid rotation of the grinding roller, the next group for the slow rotation of the roller, aluminum or aluminum alloy plate from the two sets of rollers passed, was brushed out of the delicate intermittent straight lines. The tattoo drawing is an irregular, non-obvious matte silk pattern obtained by moving the friction around the aluminum plate before and after the high speed operation of the copper wire brush.

This processing requires a high surface requirement for aluminum or aluminum alloy plates. Aluminum plate ripples are generally made on a brush or scrubbing machine. Using the axial motion of the upper grinding roller, the brush is drawn on the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate to obtain the wavy pattern. The swirl is also called spin light, is a cylindrical felt or stone nylon wheel mounted on the drilling machine, with kerosene blending polishing ointment, aluminum or aluminum alloy plate surface for rotation and grinding of a silk pattern obtained. It is mostly used for decorative processing of circular signage and small decorative dials.

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