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Aluminum Foil For Refrigerator Evaporator
Nov 22,2022

We are a factory specializing in aluminum foil for refrigerator evaporator with various alloy and thickness. OEM is welcome.

aluminum foil

Name: Aluminum foil for refrigerator evaporator

Aluminum joint winning number: 1060/1100/3003

Specifications and parameters: width 20mm~1500mm, thickness 0.095mm~1.0mm.

Inner diameter of the roll: Φ75mm, 150mm, 300mm, 500mm.

Executive standard: GB/T3880-2006, GB/T3190-2006.

Applications: Aluminum foil aluminum strip for refrigerator evaporator, aluminum strip aluminum foil for air conditioner cooler

Packing: wooden pallet with plastic  bag

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