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5052 H34 Aluminum Sheet Turkey
Nov 22,2022

As the most used alloy aluminum sheet product in recent years, 5052 aluminum sheet has become the representative product of the aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum sheet series with its relatively stable mechanical properties and excellent rust and corrosion resistance.

In international standards, 5052 aluminum sheet can also be called AlMg2.5, which means that the content of Mg alloy is around 2.5% (between 2.2-2.6), has low density (2.68), high strength, and strong processability. An excellent product suitable for bending, stamping, drawing and other processing technology. 5052 h34 aluminum sheet Turkey is one of the tempered 5052 aluminum alloys.

5052 h34 aluminum sheet Turkey

The meaning of h34 in 5052 h34 aluminum sheet Turkey

5052 aluminum sheet temper classification: According to different annealing times and processes, 5052 aluminum sheet can be divided into a variety of tempers. The hardness is different under different tempers, and there is a big gap in processability. Usually the last Arabic number after H is directly related to the hardness value, such as H32/H34/H24/H18, and the last Arabic number represents the hardness. For aluminum sheets of the same alloy, the larger the Arabic numerals, the higher the hardness. For example, the hardness of H34 is higher than H32, and the softest temper will directly become O temper, which is more suitable as a stretching material. The Arabic numeral 2/4/6/8 is an industry term, which means 1/4, 1/2 and 4/3 are all hard.

5052 h34 aluminum sheet Turkey for cars

Automotive aluminum sheet has many alloys, 6061 aluminum sheet, 5754 aluminum sheet and 5052 aluminum sheet. Among them, 5052 h34 aluminum sheet Turkey has the following characteristics: weldability, corrosion resistance, forming processability; its function: medium strength, low density, can reduce the weight of the car, easy to recycle in the later period, and has a good energy-saving and environmental protection effect. Many auto parts use aluminum alloy products, such as car doors, car fenders, car wheels, car heat shields, trunk covers, hoods, car front and rear covers, seat frames, and engines.

5052 h34 aluminum sheet Turkey

The product has high hardness, strong machinability, and belongs to aluminum-magnesium alloy. The anti-rust performance is also good. The comprehensive performance is also one of the best in aluminum alloy plates. It is still a relatively cost-effective product.

Before we buy a product, we need to know the performance required for the end use. The 5052 aluminum sheet has a wide range of uses and has many high-quality characteristics. Sometimes we can’t just look at the price, but also need comprehensive performance.

Henan Henry admit that the price of 1060 aluminum sheet is lower than 5052, but if your next project needs anti-rust function and high-strength characteristics, the performance of 1060 cannot meet the actual requirements at this time, and 5052 aluminum sheet can just play its role. effect.

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