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Which Aluminum grade Are Suitable For Mirror Aluminum Sheet?
Nov 22,2022

Mirror aluminum sheets are used in many applications. We often see application areas such as decoration and various furniture appliances. For example, interior architectural decoration, household appliance panels, etc. will be made of mirror aluminum.

aluminum sheet metal

The so-called mirror aluminum sheet is actually a general name formed by the people in the industry according to the surface effect of the aluminum sheet. The essence of the mirror aluminum sheet is  often used. The difference is that he is the aluminum sheet based on the special treatment of the surface of the aluminum sheet, then those aluminum sheet Suitable for mirror aluminum?

 Our common mirror aluminum sheet is mainly made of 1 series pure aluminum sheetand 5 series alloy aluminum plate. Like 1050, 1060, 1070 in 1 series aluminum plate, it is a good product for making mirror aluminum plate. 1 series aluminum plate has high aluminum content and production. The process is simple, the price is relatively cheap, and it is also the most used aluminum sheet on the market.

  The main element of the 5 series alloy aluminum sheet is magnesium. We are also used to call it aluminum-magnesium alloy. The aluminum plate has the characteristics of low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. It is mainly used in aerospace manufacturing, and it is also used in conventional industrial applications. It is widely used, and the processing technology is continuous casting and rolling. It belongs to the hot-rolled aluminum plate series and can be used for deep processing of oxidation. In China, the 5 series aluminum sheet is one of the more mature aluminum plate series. Our commonly used grades are 5005, 5052, 5754, etc. The 5 series alloy aluminum plate is also very good material for mirror effect.

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