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How To Choose Aluminum Tread Plate
Sep 28,2022

Since embossed tread plate is widely used for daily life, punched tread plate is applied in commerce and industry. Do you know how to choose the tread plate? There are some tips for your reference.

aluminum plate metal

  1. If the aluminium tread plate is used for decorating, protecting, and cleaning, you should choose thin stainless steel or aluminum tread plate. Because the stainless steel and aluminum has a perfect surface, and less thicker plate is economical and light to handle. For example, decorating reception, bar, ceiling; protecting wall and wall corner, doors, fish tank; and cleaning cold room, dishwasher.

  2. If tread plate is used for where required high slip resistance, such as stairway, flooring, ramp, you should choose the much thicker tread plate with more bars, for example, 5 bars tread plate. Because the thicker plate can load high capacity, and the more bars can improve the slip resistance feature.

  3. If there is much waste and the weather condition is often heavy, you should choose punched tread plate with large holes and high slip resistance. The large holes can make the waste and raining away quickly.

  4. If it is used for oily environment, you can choose the high slip resistance tread plate. The high slip resistance tread plate can make your step grasp stably the plate and reduce the injuring. For example, the diamond safety grating.

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