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The Process Technologies Of Aluminum Blister Foil Factory
Nov 22,2022

The China blister foil factory uses advanced process technology to produce high quality 8011 and 8021 aluminum foil for pharmaceutical blister packs. The medicinal aluminum foil is made of a calendered electrolytic aluminum ingot. It usually consists of rolling (hot rolling) - cold rolling - intermediate annealing - raw rolling - double rolling - division and longitudinal cutting - surface heat treatment - inspection - packaging and other processes.

aluminum blister foil factory

Since the production process uses smelting, smelting and calendering, aluminum blister sheets will inevitably appear due to the metallurgical quality, the quality of the roller surface, the physical and chemical properties of the rolling oil, the process operation technology and the production site environment. Various quality defects. :

1, pin hole

This is one of the most important defects. The size and number of pores in the medical aluminum blister sheet have a decisive influence on the moisture resistance, the gas barrier properties and the opacity of the pharmaceutical container. Since the holes in the foil are permeable defects, healthy foods and medications are attacked by oxygen, water vapor and light, which can reduce or reduce effectiveness. Therefore, blister foil factories have strict requirements for holes.

2, thermal stability:

During use, if the mechanical properties of the blister's aluminum sheet are low, cracks and cracks in the sheet often occur, which affects continuous printing and coating. If the foil is broken in the printing tunnel of the printing press, the temperature of the drying tunnel is high and generally it must be cooled before joining, which affects the production schedule. Therefore, the professional blister aluminum sheet factory attaches great importance to the thermal stability of the drug sheet.

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