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How To Control The Quality Of Aluminum Foil During Production
Nov 22,2022

It is generally believed that the three elements of aluminum foil rolling are equipment, rolling oil and operating process: the quality of the rolls is an important factor in the case of a certain level of installed capacity. The aluminum foil rolling process, such as roll type and surface roughness, pass processing rate, rolling speed, tension, rolling oil physical and chemical indicators, etc., will affect the stability of the rolling process and the quality of the finished product. Close contact and influence.

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The surface quality control of aluminum foil has certain differences due to the equipment performance, rolling performance, roll parameters and control methods of the aluminum foil rolling mill and the cold rolling mill, so that the cold rolling product pass and the first pass of the foil rolling are specially connected. important. The first pass of the foil rolling should control the reasonable processing rate of the pass to ensure the smooth follow-up rolling. The rolling parameters are balanced to obtain a better surface and shape of the aluminum foil. The first pass processing rate of the foil rolling is generally controlled below 50%. The processing rate of the intermediate pass can be larger, but the processing rate of the finished pass should be reduced and controlled below 50% to ensure good finished surface quality of the finished product. As a decorative material, it must be beautiful, clean, and free of streaks.

The finished shape control only provides the aluminum foil with better shape, so that the aluminum foil can not wrinkle during the color coating and plastic molding process, and evenly compound with the plastic. 1. Looking for the company's 1# aluminum foil rolling mill with a plate shape automatic control system. It is more favorable for controlling the shape of the plate. With a certain rolling process parameters, a satisfactory shape can be obtained. The 2# aluminum foil rolling mill is not equipped with a shape meter. The finished rolling is mainly controlled by the operation skill and directly observing the surface. The shape of the plate has a certain difference between the rolling parameters and the No. 1 rolling mill, especially in the rolling force and the front and rear tension.

When the surface of the aluminum-plastic composite aluminum foil is oiled, it cannot be compounded with plastic, especially the aluminum foil used as the bottom plate. The user does not basically go through the cleaning process in order to reduce the cost. - Some small companies do not even clean the aluminum foil used for the panel, which puts higher requirements on the surface of the aluminum foil: in the foil rolling process, our company adopts the following oil removal measures:

(1) Formulate reasonable rolling process parameters and appropriately reduce the rolling speed; (2) Use less rolling oil to control the content of rolling oil additives; (3) Select reasonable roll grinding parameters; (4) The factory of the degreasing device of the aluminum tanning mill was improved, and the de-oiling measures such as the external wind and isolation device were also adopted when scraping the finished product.

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