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Characteristics Of Aluminum Fins For Heat Exchangers
Nov 22,2022

The unique characteristics of aluminum make it ideal for heat exchange, because in addition to being a good conductor of temperature, aluminum is light, easy to machine and allows sheet thicknesses of less than 1mm (aluminum foil). For all these reasons, aluminum is the material chosen for the fins of modern heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.





8xxx series aluminium, mainly alloys 8006, 8011 together with 1050 and 5052, are the most common options in the HVAC & R sector because they conduct heat well, are light, manageable, highly resistant to corrosion and easy to use to recycle

Depending on the type of exchanger, the customer can choose between 2 types of fins:

  • Heat exchangers assembled by welding machine. This type is the one used in the manufacture of automotive radiators, as it allows greater heat exchange with a lower surface, thanks to the use of clad aluminum fins. By welding the aluminum fins directly on the exchanger tube, the transmission of heat from the coolant to the fins is optimal, which increases the performance of the radiator.

  •  Mechanically assembled heat exchangers. This type is used in the manufacture of evaporators / condensers for industrial use, such as cold rooms or air conditioning installations in buildings. In these cases, aluminum foil is used due to its lightness and high resistance to corrosion. The aluminum fins allow good heat diffusion thanks to their wide section in contact with the exchanger tubes. In addition, there are aluminum foil thicknesses from 100 microns, so it is possible to supply the aluminum foil with the thickness calculated for your application. In the following section you can see the different aluminum alloys that we can supply for these applications.

Standard aluminum alloys for exchangers

Alloy Temper Thickness (mm) Width (mm) ID (mm)

1050 H18 – O – H22 0.10 – 0.40 30 – 1130 150

5052 H18 – O – H22 0.10 – 0.30 30 – 1130 150

8006 H18 – O – H22 0.10 – 0.40 30 – 1130 150

8011 H18 – O – H22 0.10 – 0.40 30 – 1130 150

Aluminum foil for the different types of finning

  • Fins and exchanger tubes

  • tube and finned aluminum foil evaporator

  • Aluminum tube and fin evaporators

  • Aluminum foil tube and fin exchanger

  • Finned aluminum foil evaporator

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